April 20th is cursed

What can anyone say about April 20th, other than historically the day has a certain negative bend to it. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler.........

April 20th is cursed

Feb 24, 2014  ·  by Admin

What can anyone say about April 20th, other than historically the day has a certain negative bend to it. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler.........how far Time Man of the Year has fallen? The freeways originally invented by the Third Reich are so out of fashion now that people want to use trains and public transportation more. However, that has not stopped Nazi war machine makers BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen from putting more vehicles on the road than the other big three. Germans are 4.3 percent caveman now thanks to DNA testing done by right wing nut jobs the Coke brothers. What does this mean, well if this was written in Germany, it would be illegal; in America it is just an opinion backed by science and a lot of conservative money. All these points veer from what makes Hitler so great, the staying power of his mustache and what he did on his last birthday. Today with all the stache foolery, no man dares wear that mustache other than women who have it over different lips. The last time Hitler was seen in public was on April 20th ,1945, when he awarded medals of valor to boys. Celebrating Hitler, youth, and murder; who could do it better, but the kids at Columbine. Yes, April 20th is a terrible day, but it still does not hold a candle to guns, which sole purpose is to main and destroy. Bad things almost always happen on April 20th , but guns do bad things almost every time they are used regardless of the day.

For the conservative reading this thinking “this whole thing is bullshit, I had a great few weeks of target practice.” Who are you practicing to kill? How old are they?

Which leads to an idea of what age is it appropriate for someone to kill, and how should one prepare the children of tomorrow to fight the wars of today? Since, that is who really fights wars, young men. Us old guys, we just tell youth what to do, and hope they don’t ask too many questions.

Digital pontification is idiotic without facts and supporting arguments so if you want to be outraged look at the pictures; if you want to learn something, read. As far as the writer, my birthday is April 20th and I am trying to give up painting, and do something more productive with my life. Hitler gave up painting too, and boy did he make a go of it. I am leaning towards starting a cult in Austin, since those fools will try anything and like it. A cult should always be based upon noble ideas and virgin sacrifices; even though there seem to be a lot fewer virgins than there used to be. Really the best way to solve the world’s problems is on a nice leather sofa in Austin with a half naked girl and an ipad. How else can a man get laid than with digital compassion and air conditioning? Sweetheart, I really want to help the third world, before they destroy everything, could you please take those skinny jeans off.

Some states want good kids to be able to bring guns to protect us from the bad kids, which goes against the fact that bad kids are the ones who bring guns to school. Arm the teachers, the custodians, just not the vice principal since they really deal with discipline and an eye for an eye leads to a bunch of people blind to the truth. The real people to blame are parents since the seed of hate were planted by them, and they buy the guns for kids. So, kill the fucking parents, what kids would argue with that. -KW

Important French words

Nique ta mere - fuck your mother

Important French words

Nique ta mere - fuck your mother

Casse-toi - fuck off

Salope - bitch

Bombe - helmut woman

bouboule - a real fatty

Ble - cash money

Je m’en fou - I don’t give a fuck

Bagage intellectuel - smarty pants

Bagarre - kicking frenchies ass

Bagnole - piece of shit car, peugot

Baguettes - thin legs

Merde - Shit

Baiser - fuck; doggy style; kiss south

Conasse - moron

Baisser les bras - being a pussy

Balese - hard dick

Hiroshi Sugimoto is brilliant

The establishment of cognitively verifiable natural science brought the world closer to the modern age...

Hiroshi Sugimoto is brilliant

The establishment of cognitively verifiable natural science brought the world closer to the modern age, a world that could be analysed and quantified. A century after the publication of Opticks, however, criticism of Newton’s mathematical approach was heard from an unexpected quarter: in 1810, poet, novelist and playwright Johann Wolfgang von Goethe compiled a twenty-year study on the effects of colour on the human eye, and in his Zur Farbenlehre Theory of Colours found Newton’s impersonal scientific exposition wanting on artistic grounds. Granted Newton’s spectrum of seven defractively differentiated colours was perceived by the human eye via the central cortex, but what did that prove? Colours, he argued, appealed directly to our senses; red and blue had effects upon the human psyche that would not submit to mechanistic quantification. Furthermore, while we perceive light precisely because of darkness, light travelling through the blackness of outer space was imperceptible to the eye; only once light hit the atmosphere and reflected off airborne dust did we see a blue sky. Seeing the darkness tint ultramarine each dawn as I sighted the morning star, I really got a sense of what Goethe wrote in his preface: “Die Farben sind Taten des Lichts, Taten und Leiden.” “Colours are acts of light, acts and sufferings.” I interpret this to mean colour occurs when light strikes some obstruction, suffering the impact.

Interestingly enough, East Asian Buddhist doctrines use “colour” J. shiki to refer to the material world, as in the well-known phrase from the Prajnaparamita Sutra J. Hannya Shingyo: Shiki soku ze ku, ku sokuze shiki “Form is itself void, void is in essence form.” While the original Sanskrit rupa “form” does not refer to colour per se, rendering sunyata “void” into the character ku meaning both “emptiness” and “sky” perhaps suggested colour as an apt counterpart. Thus, if the visible world of colour is essentially empty, then this world is as immaterial as the colour of the sky. Gazing at bright prismatic light each day, I too had my doubts about Newton’s seven-colour spectrum: yes, I could see his red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-purple schema, but I could just as easily discern many more different colours in-between, nameless hues of red-to-orange and yellow-to-green. Why must science always cut up the whole into little pieces when it identifies specific attributes? The world is filled with countless colours, so why did natural science insist on just seven? I seem to get a truer sense of the world from those disregarded intracolours. Does not art serve to retrieve what falls through the cracks now that scientific knowledge no longer needs a God? I decided to use virtually obsolete Polaroid film to photograph the spans between colours.

Sunlight travels through black empty space, strikes and suffers my prism, and refracts into an infinite continuum of colour. In order to view each hue more clearly, I devised a mirror with a special micro-adjusting tilting mechanism. Projecting the coloured beam from a prism onto my mirror, I reflected it into a dim observation chambre where I reduced it to Polaroid colours. Of course, I could further split those prismatic colours by adjusting the angle of that long tall mirror so as to reflect only the hue I want. I could split red into an infinity of reds. Especially when juxtaposed against the dark, each red appears wondrous unto itself. Moreover, colours change constantly. As the sun climbs on its arc, the colours from the prism vary moment by moment. It only takes a few minutes for red to go orange then yellow. Cranking the worm gear by hand to adjust the mirror angle to compensate for the rising sun, I managed to keep the colour band within my field of vision.

One morning, I noticed something curious: staring at the band of blue hues with a quiet sense of elation, I shifted my gaze to the white wall and saw yellow. Goethe also studied this phenomena and found that after gazing prolongedly at a single colour, the human eye will see an afterimage of the opposite colour for a few seconds when looking away. This strange ability to perceive non-existent colours contributes greatly to our aesthetic sense of complementary colour harmonies, though look too long at this world and we see an inverted world. It makes me think all the more that “material form is void” and vice-versa.

I thought I had finished this project over a year ago, but I availed myself of the opportunity to buy up the last existing stocks of expired Polaroid film from the final ebb of production. Consistently clear Tokyo winter mornings found me swimming in a sea of colours. With neither Newton’s cool, impassionate arithmetic gaze on nature, nor Goethe’s warm poetic reflexivity , I employed my own photographic devices toward a Middle Way. - Hiroshi Sugimoto

The Tarantino Interview about upcoming project negro fortune

KW- Did you have any problems making Django?
QT- The movie in the beginning had some authenticity issues

The Tarantino Interview about upcoming project negro fortune

KW- Did you have any problems making Django?
QT- The movie in the beginning had some authenticity issues due to some of the casting mistakes in the early goings, mainly the creole cast from New Orleans was just a little too light for the cameras. So, I reached out to my dear friend and collaborator Samuel Jackson with the problem. Sam instantly knew we had a high yellow problem on the set, and he suggested a place he went to in Florida. It is a working sugar plantation where the descendants still live.

KW- So you went to Florida to get your slaves
QT- Absolutely, the men in Florida really liked to wrestle, so it was only natural to include them doing that in Django.

KW- You have been credited with curing Samuel Jackson of a lifetime affliction
QT - Sam has stuttered since he witnessed his uncle being murdered as a child. Sam tried everything to get rid of the stutter, during Pulp Fiction, I noticed the stutter was interfering with filming. About the only word Sam did not have a problem with was “fuck”, so I kept on getting him to start each sentence with “mother fucker” and like a miracle the rest of the line came out. It is hard to think about that movie, whithout a mother fucker.

KW - Negro Fortune: the new documentary is a Zen look at Africa.
QT - Yes, I have followed real African bandits as they rob tourist, and thievery is exhilarating. The Africans are much more Robin Hood like, they literally give away almost everything they steal, and then they go do it again. It was fascinating documenting this part of the African economy, seeing something so special.

KW - Did you ever fear for your safety?
QT - Sam came along and they are scared of him in Africa, they refer to Sam by the Zulu name Bi-ifilimu, it roughly translates as bad story. The Africans feel Sam is cursed with wickedness. Who better to bring to Africa, right?” -New Pork Times